Check the organic SERP ranking of your website on 10 different search engines. Simulate searches with Google, Bing or Yahoo !, by users in different languages, located in a specific country or city for the keywords that you consider most important.
Check where is your web site ranked on Google, Bing or Yahoo !, in any language, country or location.

Check the ranking of your site on the main search engines

Check where your website is found on Google, Bing and Yahoo! in any language, country or location

Search Engine Optimization e Posizionamento Web

With this tool you can easily find out what position your website is found among the results of the major search engines: Google , Bing and Yahoo ! Select the search engine, enter the domain  of your website (example: ), the keywords  and hit “Check.” Inside the advanced options you also have the option to choose the language to use and the type of location to use (Global, national or smaller geographic areas like cities).

Can't you find your web site?

Find out if Google knows or DO NOT knows about your site: make sure it is indexed. If the site is not indexed, you can not appear among search results!

Sei sicuro che Google conosca il tuo sito?

Have a look at the Top List of detected sites!

If you have found your site on one or more keywords, you may be in the  Top List of detected rankings.

organici rilevati su Google, Bing e Yahoo!. Il tuo sito, c'è?

Improve your position with the SEO Guide

Want to improve your site’s ranking on Google? If the answer is YES, try reading our advices inside the SEO Guide .

Guida completa alla Search Engine Optimization ed al posizionamento organico del tuo sito web su Google (E sui motori in genere)


  • Search engines have very complex evaluation algorithms that take into account the research time, the IP address of the applicant and hundreds of other factors. And ‘therefore absolutely normal that the  ranking of your site for a given keyword phrase  changes  significantly  (or even, disappear temporarily!) In the time frame of even a single day. This happens especially if the site is still growing for a certain keyword, much less if it is already well positioned.
  • Have you tried the geographical research ? If your site is related to a ‘ local activity , such as a clothing store, a gym, a restaurant or a beach, it’s likely that Google will privileges if the research is carried out near your business.
  • The search is performed globally if you do not specify anything in the “tab Advanced Settings “. You can perform at the level detections  national  – if you have selected a country in the field – or local / geographic,  to simulate the search for a specific area(A city, an address, etc.). To simulate a local / geographical search, you can also add the name of the location at the end of the search phrase. For example, “Rome Beauty”, “investigative agencies Milan” etc. The result is very close – but not identical – to that obtained by searching the phrase key (In our examples, “beautician” and “investigative agencies”) from the target location.If the hosting of the requested site is located outside of your country, get more accurate results by performing a global search or a country-specific search.
  • The instrument is equipped with a cache of 24 hours, and a system auto-retry on failure of the request.



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